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Ok so im blasted off my ass again. Its fucknig early in the morning.


This is my last true break before the gauntlet again. Im just gonna chill for now.

Gonna freebase, yea...

Is everything a question. Make everything an answer and the live your life like a cannonball as it exits its final tunnel.

The path THAT EXISTS leads to the tower of true existance.

The only path there is, you just have to find it.

THrough our shit day after day. In our own heads, we become blinded. We only see this false reality that we ourselves create. All thoughts are our own, but untrue, just a fantasy.

What exists outside our thoughts?? Breath in and out, count to 21 with each exhale, this is true reality. Push all thoughts aside, you will find it. If a thought appears start from one again. You will find it, its nature.

May whatever hell you have carry you through December.


Ahhh. Im in hangover land now.

Had a super fun time last night. Darren and Shayna were nice enough to let me tag along with them to a pretty big party. Man, there were a lot of hot chicks there, I said hi to a few of them, but didn't really have anything else to say so I just stared at them a little. Spent a lot of time talking to the fish in this badass aquarium, must have been at least 50 gallons.

I'm gonna be pretty useless today, just gonna mope around the house and maybe clean a little.

Starting to wish I ordered those car parts, I could be working on my car today instead.


As kind of a side note thing, I feel kind of guilty. My friends are so cool to me, and I don't think I reciprocate that. I just kind of leach on.

Its not that I dont want to be a better friend, its that I'm not really sure how; my parents and my life didn't really teach me these things. Kind of like wanting to work on your car but not having the parts.

I guess I could call them more, but I don't really know what to say, plus it makes me feel kind of stupid for some reason. Its hella easier to just sit back and let things happen to you. The only time I really feel like talking to them is when I'm really drunk, its strange.

I'm begining to get the impression that I'm a square box trying to fit into a round hole. I want to turn myself into a friendly person, but essentially I am a melencholy, self-absorbed recluse that can turn into a friendly person under the right circumstances. I really wish it was the other way around.

I need some kind of external event to cause me to be friendly. Some kind of theme or something. Like a hobby...yeah. I need an excuse to be friendly, I should be like - "hey guys, wanna go fishing or ride bikes" or something. This must be how people seem friendly.

Yea, so I suck at being friendly and it pisses me off sometimes.


"The only time I really feel like talking to [friends] is when I'm really drunk, its strange."

Nah. Thats not really true. I always want to talk to them and people and general. Its just that I don't seem to have anything to say unless I'm drunk.

Theres always shit I want to say in some deep layer of my subconscious and beer sometimes lets this stuff rise to the surface.

Whoa, that was wierd, Thad just came over. Talked for a little while. I don't see how people do that, come over, it would take me a shitload of 'energy' to do that. How do people get this energy?


Hmm, im on shrooms now. Its fuckng wierd. Just looking at my keyboard and nothing else.

If it makes any sense I cant seem to find me now. It seems easy to slip into this strange thing. I wish I could put it out like

i cant seem to ..... oh no wait its time, thats whats different. Time in itsself is so slow. I myt


This is a diary entry to me.

Jesus christ do you know how fucking crazy that is.

People tj


no its death. these words are

fuck, im loosing my cib


jesus. me and my mind are going though shit now. being on shrooms is fucking scary.


You know thats fucking scary.

Above it all, its just floating. No I had something to say, wait. Cody my drug dealer is an acutal person, its a very strange thought

1000 people that want to have their own thoughts and then 1000 more that have blogs

And then ME all here as a single individual. Doing things (its just a drug, but really its me(this is an emotion I feel myself as an individual, that cant be drugs righT??????)

this is all based on the emotion that I feel of someone looking in on me, as a person. Not as an electronic medium

shit i cant really see myself]

im just feeling emotions myself expectinmg other people to hear them for some reason

i think theres some peopel puking now, i know the anwaswer noow right yea

holy shit these moments when im gaping for air, im about to die... that is all shrooms are good for. they just bring you next to the second oooh shit i cc=an feel my gheart stopping in my chest]]]

but shit that cant be right, im alive now. no im giving myself messages for later to see who i really am

why am i haviong so many emotions, i cant seem to maintain them all, im lost within myself for real, this is what this drug does

i can move every emotion into myself , every second, every beat on the speakers, i want to be everyone else out there breathing this shit

but im in myself now, shit, io just almost stucj myself into the hole again. good god my opwn mind set everthing up like that

in reality its so slow, things are happening and im stuck herem, i ccant seem to escape it even though it seens like thshut

i can seem to keep up with anything, im just stucj in myslf is that right.

these keye the board they move from my fuckinig fingers, like lightning, everything matters jere. wait no

I can just loose myself here, thats all there is. i can just see myself coing out like fire. shit mi

fickl im only typing as each beat comes out of my speakers, no thats not right, i can only maintain me as myself

shit, better save


oh shig

no i see now, just be, this shit its ju

oh i drt


jesus an entire symphony is going on in my head.................i think i can nderstand parts of it, but i seem locked on parts

my mind goes off in definite directonsm only following parts\


ok weere better noe. not taling to myself. anymore. its quiet outside my room.

can i intercept thoughts,

hah ill just think this is stupid tomorrowl. yea it wont make any sense, as humans we can see when other people see you right?



ok i need to ....................

but its just eyes staring out at nothing


So I'm sober now. Trying to clean up the mess I caused myself yesterday. Im sure it will take a while to fully recover.

Im trying to figure out why, exactly I do this kind of thing to myself... its a minor form of suicide I think. But why?

My life isnt so bad, I have a steady job, about to graduate college with some plans after graduation. On the outside it seems good, like I have my shit together. But, somehow, Im not happy. This is the reason for drinking and doing shrooms, Im looking for happiness.

I cant remember the last time I was happy. I mean really happy. School + work is good because it makes me forget that Im sad for a while, but forgetting a bad thing isnt quite as good a realizing a good thing.

I really dont want accept it, but I think I need a female companion. Ive been denying myself for a long time, tricking myself into believing that I can live happily alone. But I really do need someone, the bad thing is that being that close to someone scares the shit out of me. Too many emotions, hard to handle, too distracting from work. I want to be a perfect working machine, and being close to someone would just distract from that goal.

Even with all these thoughts about ideal life as a perfect worker there is still this simple inner desire to be with someone. Its a conflict that I will probably never go away, I just need to find the right balance..... Things are just so hard now because of the hangover, its stripped away my mental defenses, after a while Ill build them back up and things wont seem so difficult.


The monk was in turmoil. As he focused on his breath thoughts and emotions crept into his mind. At first they seemed so hard and real, as if they could reach out and strike him. He felt as if he were running into a solid concrete wall, there was no way around it. He could not find his true mind here.

For many hours he wallowed in this state, trying so hard to overcome this wall. He began to realize that this wall was nothing new, it had always been there, but only now, at his current state of enlightenment could he see it. Over time he began to accept the wall, instead of resisting it or trying to go around he consumed the wall as a part of hisself.

The monk smiled slightly and picked himself off the ground. Looking outside a window he realized it was a nice day and walked into the comforting light of the outside world.


Sweet, things are back to happy now. Thanks to my job of course.

I got this badass gauntlet of work today, mostly cause its the first day back for the pharmacy kids.

I walk into work, boom - from the T1 upgrade all mapped drives were jacked so had to help a few people get them back up. Then some guy comes in with e-mail not working. Random people are unable to print, discover its some huge problem. Able to ping printer/print server, but winXP will not connect to printer. Video communications room 200 link intermitantly failing, must find solution. Bam - out of time

Haha good stuff. 6 hours, gone in the blink of an eye.

The dean wants me to lead the computer services department when they expand to a four year university this summer. I would get a nice raise and get to command some little part time dude, haha. I really want to move onto programing and a few months on a farm in Japan, but I got the perfect plan:

I will agree to stay on long enough to move the network to the new building which should take a few weeks, and then stay on long enough for them to find a replacement for me, and then for me to bring the replacement up to speed. All in all I would be staying on another month or two. With a nice raise, some perks and the ability to easily ship out.

Ah, all this and school is coming up next week which will even further intensify my life. On Mondays and Wednesdays I leave the house at 7am and get back at 10pm = 15 hour days, it will be an intresting challenge.

Ohhh life is goood


Yea, so trying to fill the space between work and work again.

AOL is kinda wierd. Its just strange, talking to random people by words, kinda creepy. Back when I was playing Everquest text communication didn't seem so wierd, but after being 'in' reality for so long it seems wierd.

Watched Fight Club today. Wierd show. Does a good job at personifying consciousness and subconsciousness. A line that sticks with me. "I am the part of you that takes you kicking and screaming somewhere and then you thank me for it". The only thing that lets me do things is this subconscious motivation. You can't just keep thinking and thinking and hope action will eventually come of it, no, you must suppress your thoughts to create action.

So school starts back up Monday, Im ready.

When I went grocery shopping today I was about to buy some crappy beer (budweiser), but then decided to go to the beer store for some excellent beer (asahi). This weekend I'm going to celebrate surviving the break without totally loosing it (although I did come close many times). Yeah, fell off the cliff a few times, but was still able to pull myself back up to where I am now.

Saw a Seinfeld rerun a few days ago. George kept telling us about his theory of worlds. Like there is a friend world and a girlfriend world. He had distinct ways of carrying himself in each world to the point of considering himself on the different worlds as a different person all together. If for some reason his girlfriend were to meet his friends the worlds would collide causing him to fail as a person somehow.

Anyway, I have my home world and my work world. At work im such a badass, solving problems left and right, small talk with the staff, faculty and students to make things go well, making phone calls to get stuff done, motivated, making changes for the better, happy, master of everything there. Makes me feel godlike. Then at home I fail miserably as a person, can't maintain friendships, lazy, self-absorbed, sloth-like, afraid of the outside world, master of the house as a physical entity, but not master of self. I wish I could combine the work world and the home world, but it seems impossible without creating the exact situations of work inside my house. I want the emotional feeling of success I get from work to be with me at home, but I have no idea how to get this.

Yup, haha, I could simulate work with cardboard cutouts. I could label them. "Yea see that square box over there with the word 'server' on it in black magic marker, thats the server room, its my job to keep it running." "See that carboard cut-out that is in the shape of a human, thats the dean, he keeps me in line" and then I could just make a bunch of little scenarios and take on the parts of all parties involved. And that would give me the feeling of success I get from work right? Heh


How many times have you gotten shit faced drunk, stayed up till 4am and wake up at 9am and feel fine. No hangover, in fact you feel better than you did before you started drinking last night.

Well thats how I feel now.

Its cause of that Asahi beer, I think they ferment it with rice or something so no hangover.

Hell, Im just going to enjoy myself today.

Random Shit


So yesterday I was walking out to the train station after work as usual. Suddenly I hear "Benjamin" in a singy female voice. I looked over and figured it was just one of the students but as I got closer I realized it was Emily. What the fuck??

We met each other in 2nd grade and went our separate ways after high school. Somehow we both ended up in the same exact dorm building at Texas Tech and happened to run into each other, so we just hung out occasionally, but never really got together much. Then when I left Tech after one year she stayed to finish her degree in Molecular Biology. And then yesterday in Oak Cliff right after my shift she happened to be there after doing some medical test at the hospital for the Peace Corps. Apparently, after graduating she moved back to Allen, only a few blocks from my house so we rode the same train together and talked.

She's a really cool person, and pretty hot too, she's half chinese and half french I believe. But she has a fiance so forget about that hehe. But she is my ideal woman: very intelligent, attractive and a little crazy at times. We mesh together well, I don't feel uncomfortable around her at all, as if she were an extention of myself.

Anyway, I was going to ask for her number or give her mine, because she made me feel all warm inside and stuff, and she seemed somewhat intrested. But I figured it was better not to pursue it cause I don't have time for anything like that. Besides, I figure in a few years our paths will randomly cross again.


The thing that keeps getting me is the extremely low probability of two people meeting like this, lets work the numbers.

1) Happened to meet in elementary school
(30/1000) (number of people met / number of people in school)

2) Went separate ways

3) Few months later go to same college and dorm building
(1/(5000*5)) (college selected / total num of college choices in US times number of dorms on campus) 4) Happened to run into and recognize each other

(1/600) (1/number of people in dorm)
5) Went separate ways

6) To get to class on time I am forced to move my schedule back 15min causing me to get on a different train for work, she happens to take the same train this exact day due to medical tests for peace corps (1/666666666) (hell if I know the probability, impossible???)

And theres probably countless subevents that had to occur for these major events themselves to occur and the probability of each of these is multiplied together to get a number which is most likly approaching one over infinity damn quick.

God, that just blows my mind. Meeting someone twice through two totally random and independent event sequences. I bet its the same in the same order as winning the lottery a few times.

Its like two small pieces of hay touching each other in a large hay stack, the hay stack gets broken up and churned around a lot and the pieces happen to touch again, then the stack is broken and churned again, and yet again they happen to end up touching.

But I suppose if it can be done it will be done, as long as there is a possibility of it happening it will happen somewhere, for no reason it just happened here.


Yea, man, just meeting someone like that, it jacked me up. All the emotions and stuff, it was hard to focus on my work at school, time went so slow.......


Yea so anyway, not much goin on in life in general, no cavities at dentist today (woot), ate good lunch with parents, plans to remove pool and put a little hot tub/zen rock garden thing in the hole, plans to redo front sidewalk, plans to redo rear fence with wood and other minor household repairs.

---------------------------------------------------------------- 2 kegger goin on tomorrow. OH yea better develop a battle plan:

Potential problems (things I need to work on) 1) Lots of cars 2) Keg location 3) Methods of operation

1) OK, got a lot of cars, parking space limited, ill pull my car up and see if we can squeeze a few more cars in the driveway, everyone else can park on other streets, need to keep a lookout to make sure they aren't blocking driveways.

2) Need to move keg to a good place, im thinking garage, people tend to group around the keg and spill beer everywhere, garage rules.

3) Generally, need to keep a watch to make sure people arent fucking up anything. Yea I can do that.

Im thinkin it will be good to hit the beer early and get wasted so I wont care so much when stuff gets fucked up, gonna have a good time.


Story time:

The monk awoke in darkness. A slight rustling outside, the sound of rain-drops off of the forest plants. The monk was able to focus his entire being on this sound and escape his immediate fear of darkness. Soon he became the darkness, there was no 'him' for a while.

When the monk came into himself again his house was encased in a dull grey color. For a moment he lost control of his mind, things flashed in his head, emotions, desires. Like a dark thick wind, he felt burdened. With his mind like this he could not enjoy the immediacy of his presense. His sight drifted, out of focus, he became this burden he felt. He couldn't let go, he gripped his mind like one would grip a heavy hammer, he instinctivly attempted to think his way out of this turmoil, but it just bred more burdensome thoughts. He felt trapped, breath heavy and hard.

Several days he spent like this, lost in the hell of himself. Suddenly, something caught his attention, a spot of morning sunlight on the floor. He realized the rain had let up. He thought to himself in the midst of his mental chaos, "ah, so the sun has risen again". With this he focused on his belly, his breath became apparent again. In deep, then out, mind clear, one thought, '1'. Deep in, '1' out, no other thought. Deep in, '1'. The sound of his breath. Soon not even '1' was there, his mind became light and airy again. Just the is-ness of breath. He became the sunlight, and soon after he became nothing again.


Man, Im hyper today. This week totally kicked my ass.

Miles traveled: 120 by car
240 by train
Hours of sleep: 6 per night (not too shabby)
Hours spent not commuting, sleeping or at school or work: 8 for entire week
Hobo encounters: 3
Veteran of war encounters: 1
Hours spent standing out in the cold waiting for train: 2
Hours spent staring out the train window: 8
Problems solved at work: 10+

Ah better idea, gonna break down all the hours into percentages:

Monday - Friday total hours: 120
Sleep: 40
School: 12.75
Work: 19
Commute: 10
Free time: 38.25

so roughly, 33% sleeping 10% school 15% work 8% commuting 31% free time

Yea so those are the stats, they dont really mean much in comparison to the memories of doing them, but their still kinda cool to look at to see what makes up my life. A nice triad of sleep, free time, and work related stuff.

Wow, fun with numbers.

I had a bunch of other stuff to get off my chest but the number thing did it for me.


Genes exist to pass down our hopes and dreams for the future to our children

Living is a link to what will come

All live is tethered to the future

Loving each other, teaching each generation

I finally realized it, the true meaning of life

Im a burnt out work whore


Well, kinda bored. Just finished another nice work week. This schedule is starting to take its toll. Starting to feel reeeel tired and really out of it a lot of the time. I try to put on an act for work and school, as if I was a normal talkative human because I want things to go smoothly there and then at home I can just zone out all the time and become myself again. But my little act is starting to fall apart.

At work I'm pretty much a hermit unless anyone asks anything of me, just in my office all the time, school sucking energy away too much, too hard to carry on small talk. You know that feeling when your talking to someone and theres a long silence and you start to feel the urge to talk, well its starting to get really bad. Im like,