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Neat Day....Neat Tomorrow


Today was neat. It was warm outside so I made myself go and wash my car, it was so warm i drove with the windows down, lots of fun. I also hung out with thad and everyone. I even saw Audry today, she got a new car, it was neat. I have decided to clean out the garage tomorrow so I can work on my car. Hmm.. what should I do to it. I think ill get new shocks, maybe new bearings if needed, change tranny fluid, change oil, check filtercharger, check brakes and lines, check master cylinder, maybe get new pcv fitting and pipe, check antifreeze, check power steering fluid, chack drivetrain and all related componenets, check tires, check belts. Well that sound like a good amount of work for tommorrow and hopefully the rest of the break. Can't wait to crank the radio and get my hands dirty again. Its been months since ive done anything with my car cept clean it. It's been neglected. Ahhh.... can't wait for tomorrow, feels like christmas or something.

A new concern.....


Well, I have found a problem with my car. The front disk brakes seem to be jacked up or at least incorrectly adjusted. They grip the disks too hard and create friction. I wasn't real sure how to sole this problem so I e-mailed a mechanic. He couldn't help me apparently (I just think he was too lazy to really think about it, he wasn't getting paid after all). So, I think i'll have to get off my ass and do more research. Only problem is I'm sick somewhat. Well this problem doesn't exactly need immidiate attention, if i fixed it i would save gas and accelerate better, if i don't i'll just have to live with those problems. I'll just wait until I feel better before I worry a lot about it. I still need to make preperations for school and such. But, I still have a week and a few days so I should be ok. I'm gonna watch a movie now to get my mind off all these things which shouldn't bother me, but are bothering be.



In the past few weeks I've turned from a weak, lazy hermit shielding all experiences into a hard working person, who's mind is almost always occupied with expansion. When the semester started I became free again. My life is mine, I have or will have important tools I need to follow my path. I have confidence now and a generally optimistic view of tomorrow. This is due to college, Kid Rock, my art teacher and my ability to change. I must work to tear out of my bounds. Out of the way my mind clouds the next level of reality. Out of well worn paths into new ones. My eyes are slowly opening to a new, brighter sun, the "real" sun which has been kept from me by traditional thinking and cookie cutter grade school education. I am becoming better and finding new ways of living and new ways of happiness.