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You talk about action like car action, japan action.. how long till there's an entry called getting action (from a woman)?

Awesome. Awesome to the max.


Regarding the action from women question, allow me to refer you to this: http://joi.ito.com/archives/2003/10/24/difficult_choices_for_american_youths.html No, not really, women just seem like a major pain in the ass. Too many emotions and stuff, plus get ready for some serious emotional damage if you accidently(through sex) get into a relationship with someone you actually like. Yea, so women action is too much trouble, why not just be lazy?


you convince yourself sex and relationships with women is a bad thing, through past failures perhaps? Or the inability to get these things.. convincing yourself, mentally to think of it as a bad thing. not wanting a girl is like saying you are gay. i have no problems with homosexuals you may do as you please, just don't bring it to my "end" pal.

distant friend

good for you ben. if this is the way you like it then stick with it. i applaude your lack of a need for sex.


Thank you distant friend. Dont worry dude, I ain't gay.

Sometimes when I least expect it, my ear will start to ring

distant friend

i meant every word of it too. i wish there were more men like you out there...


I'm not sure if you should wish for more versions of me, have you ever seen me drunk? It kinda screws up my whole no need for sex/hey look at me I am the zen master philosophy. But it sounds good on paper anyways, LOL.

distant friend

i have seen you drunk and you aren't half as bad as the kids i have known and still know. anyway i stick by my statement i wish there were more of you out there

distant friend

good to have you back. haven't read all of it...but will eventually, but what i did read it sounds like you had fun. but either way its good to have you back :)


Sounds like a kick ass trip...all that hard work up on that mountain sounds like some good exercise...you definatly should of taken pictures of japanese women - all of them

People call me Rico

Did you know that if you eat thirteen tomatoes in one day, your poopie will be red?

People call me Rico

Did you know that if you eat thirteen tomatoes in one day, your poopie will be red?


this one

Facinating, tell me more!

The Real Rico

Well it appears that the cholocide in the tomatoes contains the same structure that potatoes has. This type of chemical bond recreates a small rainbow in your prostate and when you expell your waste unit all but the red has been taken out...thus the red poopie



dude, dont worry about things. take it as a learning experience. you went into it knowing it wasnt going to be long term. we've all had our break ups things will get better over time.

Feast of Wire

You live and you learn. Dont think about what you lost but about what you gained.

i am sorry...things will get better

worry all you want it's the end of the world aahhhhhhh!! nothing is ok dont listen to them

You must develop a system of rewards and punishments to control her appropriately. please don't try and control us...thats when shit goes bad


You know your webpage only opens with IE. IE = suck


Only with IE, hmm didn't know that, Ill fix it.


Yea maybe that whole Art of War converted into love advice was a misguided idea. I was in a bad emotional state at the time and that was the only way I could deal with it. Think of it more as art than literal advice.


Ok now were about 90% netscape friendly. Netscape is kinda cool because it has a lot of features Explorer doesn't have, unfortunatly it doesn't fully support CSS which is why it didn't work correctly with my site. So in my opinion Netscape sucks because it is missing some basic functionality all webbrowsers should support.


Yea but I use Mozilla FireFox, IE = suck. It works now, yay.

this is a weird comment forum.


Yes, wierd indeed :)

(he) wears the moon.

...nothings perfect wheres the moon?

tee hee hee

its okay to touch yourself at night


The moon is in its proper place now.


that was absolutely amazing...i don't know what else to say...it was...wow. nice ben very nice.


wow that one entry called fucking bitch was amazing, except the murder part but oh well. i havent heard that much bitch bashing since the song by glassjaw called lovebites and razorlines. d/l it now!!! j/k





Look at me indeed. This whole site might make me sound like some like some presumptuous asshole, but my ego has an appetite. I am lucky enough to have found the right food and the location of the mouth. This is much better than blowing $100+ on a shrink right?

Jam masta' J-Dawg

hmmmm, $100 dollars could get ya a pretty nice hotel, it could also buy you some nice booze, and it could even go further and get a cheap hooker...lets do the math hotel + booze + hooker < $100 dollars $100 dollars = 25 dingo berry points 25 dingo berry points = 3 Jib-Jabs 3 Jib-Jabs = one hell of a time i am a genius!

Face Puncher

What you should do is find out who the other 2 guys are trying for the same job and.....take care of them (wink, wink) Webpages are theraputic. When you write your thoughts down you feel better and have more perspective on the situation because you can stand back and look at whats going on. Also it vents frustration without having to touch yourself.

H to the O to the W to the A to the R to the D

Jobs are pimp tight, especially ones in a hospital, you can get all sorts of cool toys to play with, like a stethascope, or go really fast down the hall in a wheel chair screaming, NO BRAKES NO BRAKES!!!! lol i crack myself up

a black choice

shit man, you shoulda called me and i could of fixed all that computer shit, i dismantel government data mainframes in my sleep everynight


what hospital do you work at


dooooooood what the fuck happened at work, im mega curious


The hospital I work at? I don't want to give info like that out. It violates psychological boundries I like to keep between work and home. I like the idea of this site being kinda hypothetical, like it could be anyone; not so concrete. If ya catch my drift.


heh heh im gonna find you!!!! >=D


Noooooooooo! :P


You should get a Geo metro, now thats a machine.

j shizzle

If you want to remain single for awhile, I highly recommend purchasing an '87 Toyota Corolla. Not only will you enjoy such features such as slow accerlation and disses by your pseudo-friends, you'll also be able to kick back and relax in the lonely solitude of female rejection! Seriously dude, it's soo worth considering :-P


what kinda car are you looking for; truck, suv, sports, sedan, mini-van, bus?

Don Juan Francisco

si' si' senor...

Tractor Guy

Leg it


2 legit to quit


Does corn really digest in your system. When I shit its still there and looks like its still in tact. I'm not eating it anymore if it doesn't give me anything back. Mooch.

J - Twon

Dude what if you broke your shit log in half and there was gold inside? What if our shit has gold in the middle but nobody knows?? The truth is out there...


you should check it out and find if your theory is true


I am feeling fat and sassy


happy birthday ben.






I've been watching you


Cool, I like the idea of having a stalker as long as its a really hot chick that only wants to please me.


what about a fat balding hairy dude with toe nail fungus? ...ps I'm getting some medication for the fungus


Well as long as your getting medication for that fungus we should be ok. (lol)


have you ever considered becoming a rapper. I bet you could throw down.

Me the rapper

I throw down so hard. I break up all the retards. I like driving my car. Sometimes I go far. Then I bring it in. And do it all over again.

DJ Turnip

yea dude get out of your room and stop playing with little ben




Yo, my site kicks ass, right?


yea as long as you keep on updating and having content to be viewed regularly


re:Good yea i felt that way this morning when i took a dump. It was that short moment of "yes".


very nice update. i am trying so hard to do that, live for myself. HELP.

super ape

"Ignoring things outside of your control that do not effect you directly is bliss. If you are not in bliss, then you might just be too aware of what is going on around you. "................ Those seem like some scary words of someone who seems to not want to know what is going on around them, just to block them out and act like they don't exist. Almost everything effects you in someway or another, whether its you or people you know. Is ignorance really bliss? I don't think so, it more fake and artificial than anything else. that last line; "If you are not in bliss, then you might just be too aware of what is going on around you." Gave me a nice laugh. I'm not saying it's a stupid thought, just a funny one...i guess.

Duan Juan Francisco

I have this theory on how to pick up chicks...when strolling down the sidewalk or what-have-you, you spot this girl walking your way, just stick out your leg and trip her conversation is bound to persue


search for dead rats....quite the weekend!


hey ya got the bling buy a new house and start something fresh. sounds like you need a change. one of life's inevitabilities.


Shit, im locked out of my own site, I cant remember my username, im such a noob. I smell a hiatus for a little while.


Nope its all good now, empty words in an empty room.